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Arri Alexa 65Why Hollywood’s Lensers Love the.

Wie das IMAX Großleinwand-Erlebnis ermöglicht wird. ARRI Rental und die IMAX Corporation haben sich zusammengetan, um das ALEXA IMAX Kamerasystem zu entwickeln. Es basiert auf der Technologie der ALEXA 65 Kamera und der PRIME 65 Objektive. Das Kamerasystem wurde bei zahlreichen großen Spielfilmprojekten verwendet, darunter. IMAX a annoncé le choix de la plateforme ALEXA 65 pour ses tournages en IMAX 2D. Disponible uniquement à travers le réseau ARRI Rental, l’ALEXA 65 a déjà été utilisée sur de nombreux projets de prestige, en tant que caméra principale pour certains d’entre eux et comme deuxième caméra pour des séquences exigeant une qualité d’image exceptionnelle. imax采用alexa 65技术 “我们期待着与imax团队合作打造这一特别版本的摄影机、镜头组和工作流程方案。不但要满足这家在15片孔65 mm和3d影视制作方面有着丰富历史的公司对品质的要求,还要将其推向一个大画幅影像捕捉的新纪元。.

For producer Tom Zickler and director Martin Schreier, their new film “Traumfabrik” “Dream Factory” is a real dream of a project. In an interview they talk about this complex film production—and about their collaboration with ARRI. 29/11/2017 · Quality is obviously top priority with the Alexa 65. ARRI has partnered with IMAX to produce films using the Alexa 65 camera system. Some notable IMAX films shot on the Alexa 65 include Sully and Captain America: Civil War. Now, one may think that because of the inherent nature of this camera that it’s an unwieldy beast. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the first feature film partially filmed with the Phantom 65 IMAX 3D camera. ARRI Alexa IMAX digital camera. In 2015, IMAX announced a 2D digital camera that was developed alongside Arri, the camera being based on the latter company's Arri Alexa 65 technology. "For me, ARRI cameras are a support system. I can trust, rely, and fall back on them in any sort of shooting and lighting condition. As a DP, I like to push the boundaries of my gear and the ALEXA has always held me in good stead,” confirms DP Pratik Deora. Our goal is to equip you with the most inspiring image technology in the world. We are unique in terms of the exclusive products we have developed, and our resources. As part of the wider ARRI ecosystem, we are built on a bedrock of knowledge that dates back more than a century.

Last September, ARRI unveiled the 6K ALEXA 65 cinema camera. Now, they're partnering with IMAX to create another. The news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter, who report that ARRI is teaming up with IMAX in order to create a camera system specifically designed to create content destined for delivery on IMAX projection systems. 01/11/2018 · Wonder how your Camera would look if it had one of this fancy large format sensors like the Alexa 65? Emulate the large format look of films like "The Revena. IMAX has announced via VARIETY that it has entered into an agreement with ARRI to customize the ALEXA 65 system for use on IMAX productions. ARRI is very proud to announce this collaborative venture with IMAX, the recognized world leader in large format imaging technologies. Sempre à frente no cinema digital, a ARRI lança uma câmera com sensor maior que o de um negativo de cinema 65mm – o maior sensor de cinema digital do mundo até o momento. A ARRI Alexa 65 é mais uma prova de que a tradicional fabricante alemã de câmeras de cinema está mais focada na qualidade do que em modismos e marketing.

ARRI ALEXA 65 Camera » ShotOnWhat? Movies &.

12/10/2015 · Crescente successo per la Arri Alexa 65, usata in numerosi film di recente produzione. E non è tutto: in arrivo una versione speciale per l’Imax Arri – che ha ricevuto recentemente il technical lifetime achievement award all’ultima edizione di Cine Gear Expo – si avvicina a grandi passi al prestigioso traguardo dei 120 anni. IMAX has announced that it has entered into an agreement with ARRI to customize the ALEXA 65 system for use on IMAX productions. ARRI is taking their crown jewel the large format ALEXA 65 digital cinema camera to the next level by entering into a collaborative venture with leading cinema experience IMAX, the recognized world leader in large.

15/12/2013 · Jointly Modified Alexa 65 Large-Format System Quickly Comes into Its Own on Marvel Movies. Imax announced today that the next Avengers movie, the two-part sequel titled Infinity War, will be shot using, exclusively, the forthcoming large-format camera system being developed by Imax and ARRI. Separate from the IMAX agreement, ALEXA 65 is available exclusively through the ARRI Rental network. Offering a complete large-format solution for high-end theatrical motion pictures, the system comprises a 65 mm digital cinema camera, custom-designed prime and zoom lenses, and fast, efficient workflow tools.

22/09/2014 · 以前からARRIで6Kカメラが新たに開発されていることが噂されていたが、ついにCinecにてその姿を見せた。 6K 65mmシネマカメラ「ARRI ALEXA 65」にはスーパー35の3倍以上、つまり業界で最大のハイパフォーマンスMPS(モーション. ARRI ALEXA 65 IMAX. We wrote here before regarding Avengers: Endgame cinematography immediately after the first trailer was launched. The film was shot exactly like his big brother, utilizing the special combination of IMAX and ARRI 65. 100% IMAX: 26% more picture. imax採用alexa 65技術「我們期待著與imax團隊合作打造這一特別版本的攝影機、鏡頭組和工作流程方案。不但要滿足這家在15片孔65 mm和3d影視製作方面有著豐富歷史的公司對品質的要求,還要將其推向一個大畫幅影像捕捉的新紀元。. First, the whole Alexa family uses an interesting and somewhat unusual sensor design. The pixels are large by the standards of cine cameras 8.25 um pixel pitch, compare to 5 um for Red Dragon or 4.2 um for Sony F65. This gives the sensor good se. 11/02/2016 · A quick step by step guide to building the Alexa camera system.

  1. ARRI ALEXA 65. Indeed, anyone can see that the trailer is 100% animation not even CGI, yet IMDB sheds some light on this argument. According to the online database, the camera used to shot this film is ARRI ALEXA 65 and ARRI ALEXA IMAX ?.
  2. 18/02/2016 · Famed for its stunning shots of stark landscapes, “The Revenant” showed the dynamic vision of the filmmakers behind it. Those shots also revealed the incredible capabilities of the camera used to film many of those sequences — the Arri Alexa 65. Designed initially to capture a tremendous.

07/05/2015 · The Russo brothers will be the first to capture a Hollywood feature using only Imax digital cameras.Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War – Parts 1 and 2 will take the plunge and use the new Imax/Arri 2D digital camera to capture the entire two-part installment of the global franchise. Avengers: Infinity War ใช้กล้อง IMAX Arri Alexa 65 ถ่ายทำตลอดทั้งเรื่อง โดยกล้องดังกล่าวเป็นเทคโนโลยีใหม่ล่าสุดของวงการภาพยนตร์ ที่พัฒนาโดยผู้. 『ライオン・キング2019』 本作はArri Alexa 65による撮影及びCGアニメーションで制作されている。IMAXレーザーGTでの上映時は劇中の複数のシーンが通常の1.85:1よりも上下に広い1.43:1のアスペクト比へと拡大する。.

ARRI Rental ALEXA 65.

2,arri alexa 65 ;(只租不卖. imax在操作上也是很难很多片子其实没有使用imax摄影机拍摄,只是通过后期转制成的imax格式)。因此,imax诞生后的几十年里都被用于拍摄地理和自然历史纪录片,并设置在科学中心、主题公园、天文馆等特殊场所。. 终局之战全程使用IMAX画幅拍摄(摄影机为Arri Alexa 65 Imax特调版),最终院线发行的版本有两种幕幅(aspect ratio)。 1.90:1 IMAX 2.39:1 普通版 其中普通版本的画面为IMAX画面经过上下裁剪而成。在我看来普通版就是删减版。.

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